Monday, March 2, 2015

Aboriginal Portrait Artist, Jandamarra Cadd: 'We are Life'.

Jandamarra Cadd (b.1973) is a Aboriginal Artist with his origins being the Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Warung People in Victoria. He was introduced to painting at the age of 15 and credits this tool of expression as his survival from a challenging childhood treated as a second class citizen in his own land. Jandamarra uses a variety of styles and mediums, favouring oil on canvas, with his unique blend of traditional aboriginal art techniques along with a contemporary and inventive portraiture.

Painting has been a way of life that has enabled him to express his creativity and story telling  of the universal truth of connection. In many of his paintings of the human condition, he seeks to be a peaceful voice for the oppressed and minorities. His focus is to use portraiture in a way to allow the viewer a glimpse into the depths of humanity and the expansive expression of the individual soul.

Picture: Jandamarra with his daughter Mindari and his painting "Ceremony - Men's Business"

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Orchid Girl

Stoneware paperclay. Clear glaze.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Woven Stoneware Sea Turtle: Isabella

Unfortunately, Isabella did not make it to the exhibition as she broke a back flipper. But she will be repaired and as good as new in a couple months time. She's about a foot in length and took over 100 hrs to construct.

Isabella is my first complex woven work. Photos of glazed Isabella at a later date.


Darwin - The Natural World

Hi, All.

It's been some time since my last post pointing to the date 20th May for a combined art exhibition by two other artists, Carolyn Marriott, Dee Allen and myself. Our efforts can now be viewed at Territory Craft Gallery in Darwin of the Northern Territory until the 5th of June, Tuesday-Sunday, 10am - 4pm. Gallery closed on Mondays.

Below are some pictures of what to expect and for those who can not make it to Darwin. And, yes, all works on display are for sale. Click on images to enlarge.

Above: First picture shows the front section of the gallery. The next is my woven Kapok bonsai. In the background two of Dee Allen's paintings and one eligant lamp with original design by Carolyn Marriott.

Above: Beautiful Lamps by Carolyn Marriott. Original designs using Tiffany technique. First Lamp graced with mango fruit that grow abundantly in Darwin and a food source of many native fauna.

Above: Vibrant water colors by Dee Allen refecting the beautiful lime stone cliffs of Darwin's beaches and native flora and fauna.

Below: Images of my work in ceramics. Please note that any engraved pieces are all original designs and no two engravings are the same. Each piece I make is unique. I also construct out of other materials - such as bamboo, different twines, copper wire, beads and so forth - any frames, back drops or settings in which I place my pieces unless otherwise stated. I also use my own technique to create unique real woven never seen before ceramic pieces out of long cylander or flat coils. Over the coming years I'll be refining the weaving to create ever more complex pieces.

Glazed engraved oval stoneware Urchin Ball. Tinted with Royal Blue underglaze. All engravings are original and no two engravings are the same.

10 Engraved Orchid tiles. Colored with oxides, glazed and black ink put through the glaze crazing. Suspended in bamboo frames.

23 earthenware Monkey orchids clustered on stoneware orchid plant encased in a removable glass dome. I encircled the dome with two layers of cord and a tassel and green felt.

'Amongst the Mangroves'. Inspired by what I found washed up on Casuarina Beach and the flora and fauna - such as the two comical male mudscippers duelling for territory - found amongst the mangroves. Also featured: Bubbler crab; urchins; corals; mangrove flower; mangrove seedling; driftwood; shells. High fired Raku Buff Trachyte clay set in gloss varnish. Approx 30cm x 40cm. Pieces 4x life size.

'On the Billabong'.Glazed stoneware featuring pink lily with woven lily pads and woven dragonfly. Approx: 30cm x 40cm.

Woven ceramic frilled neck lizard with 10 beaded black ants. Approx: 12 inches or 30cm. High fired Raku Buff Trachyte clay.

Woven bonsai Cochlospermum fraseri (Kapok bush). Tree constructed out of terracotta, emphasising glaze crazing with black ink. Each petal of the 12 flowers hand made from stoneware. 360 stamens consist of fine copper wire beaded with 1440 glass beads. Flowers lacquered, not glazed, by using the traditional technique of China and India for strengthening and protecting fragile ceramic work. Lacquer tolerates high temperatures, is water proof, doesn't chip like class and frees me to use other materials in and with works that otherwise would not survive the high firing of a kiln or remain too fragile unless reinforced. Stands appox 30cm or 12inches.

I personally wish to extend a big thank you to: Fiona and Harvey from the Rural Potters Association for their support, help and advice; Erin from Territory Craft for sharing a kiln; Carolyn and Dee for inviting me to share in their exhibition, Darwin- The Natural World; Territory Craft for their advertising and advice; Elizabeth for helping us three set up; Rob for his undying faith and confidence in me and the main inspiration and drive behind my work; Fergal, there as always through thick and thin; Saltwater Band and Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupinu whose music often played in the background as I worked and reflected on the beautiful sea and bush. And you Mum for being there at all hours of the day and night when I texted unable to sleep or updating you on my progress as you could not be here with me like you wanted.

Monday, February 21, 2011

ENGRAVED TEAR DROP ORCHID BOWL: White stoneware; cobalt blue oxide; clear cracked glaze; slab technique.